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Villa K was completed in August 2001 and has been available to rent since early 2009 year. During the early years of owning Villa K we have worked to make it as beautiful as possible - whilst keeping it low maintenance at the same time. Over the years we have had the garden landscaped, added front and rear gates, boundary fencing, pot plants, extended the back seating area by the pool and added our very own BBQ with a Kleftico oven. We have recently added an outside shower for use by the pool.

Having shared our villa with close friends and family, we recently decided to rent Villa K to members of the public who wanted a luxury villa holiday but who would treat it like their own during their stay. We constantly strive to offer the best services to those renting our villa and keep it maintained to the highest standards. We have a cleaner, pool maintenance crew, a gardner and possibly the most helpful and friendly neighbours on the island!

We take pride in owning such a lovely holiday home and welcome families and couples who wish to enjoy the experience too. All we ever ask is for Villa K to be kept to the standards that it is found in upon arrival.